Monday, June 18, 2012

Almost Famous & WvW

Hey Guys that Beta Weekend was having a great time playing with my Guild Almost Famous. We had alot of fun i leveled an elementalist to level 18 which took a while but was worth it to play with it in WvW. I had a blast Turning into a bird and flying around with Velosia a friend i made in Almost Famous. I have been accepted into a sPvP team and we played tournaments most of the time and we won a bunch everyone was super good. I wish i did more WvW though only reason i didn't is my guild did not have A lot of WvW players and we are looking for more if your interested here is a link to our site just sign up and fill out the application and ill see you guys there. What i did in WvW was really an exciting experience though it was a little laggy it played really well and i defiantly will be playing in it and owning it up with Almost Famous. Hope you to see some of you guys in the next Beta.

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