Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Guild Wars2 BWE2 Excitement Pending

So the past 2 days I've been interacting and watching that oh so devious arena net twitter they said they are going to announce the 2nd beta weekend event :O so excited to cancel all my plans and be sitting for 3 days. They were going to make it this weekend but they said they are updating there hardware and the beta will be exposed after they are done with that :O cant hold in the excitement I know exactly what I'm going to do and everything. make a Mesmer name it Oatmeal of course complete that starting area as fast as I can and do some funsies in that oh so delicious sPvP. I hope they might have a new battle ground or arena maybe an underground one but not getting my hopes up just would be neat / exciting. Try my updated build upgrade the gear and fix everything to be perfect then role into the battle field with my friend synsysterspirit - a streamer on Twitch. TV plays a thief. sPvP in Guild Wars2 is the most fun I've had out of any other MMO that is coming out or is out that I've played. If you want to join me and play a game leave a comment on this post and ill reply. To get into the BWE2 all you have to do is go to any local retailer and pre purchase it they will give you a code that you redeem at Guild Wars2 website : ).

Monday, May 21, 2012

Intro to Why I am Making this Blog

Hi i'm Oatmeal I am new to blogging but I feel I will enjoy it. I love to play video games and write i just got into the writing thing when i took a creative writing class at my school. I tested out twitter but i like longer post to say the least and the 160 character limit makes about half of a text message i would normally send to friends in a conversation. I was like i think ill make a blog then I look up a video on you tube and the infuriating number at the bottom reads 45 minutes and my eyes widen O.O. So i Came here to Blogger to share my time as a Mesmer with whoever may trickle in from the Gw 2 fan base.