Monday, June 18, 2012

Almost Famous & WvW

Hey Guys that Beta Weekend was having a great time playing with my Guild Almost Famous. We had alot of fun i leveled an elementalist to level 18 which took a while but was worth it to play with it in WvW. I had a blast Turning into a bird and flying around with Velosia a friend i made in Almost Famous. I have been accepted into a sPvP team and we played tournaments most of the time and we won a bunch everyone was super good. I wish i did more WvW though only reason i didn't is my guild did not have A lot of WvW players and we are looking for more if your interested here is a link to our site just sign up and fill out the application and ill see you guys there. What i did in WvW was really an exciting experience though it was a little laggy it played really well and i defiantly will be playing in it and owning it up with Almost Famous. Hope you to see some of you guys in the next Beta.

Monday, June 4, 2012

My guide and This weekend.

 I'm so sorry i have not been posting i really have wanted to just school is ending this is the last week. and as my reward that awesome Bwe2 for Guild Wars2 is coming up on the 8th - 11th. So if you guys didn't know i have a guide on GW2 builds it focuses on sPvP and high damage. This beta weekend they are not wiping the characters but no asura or sylvari this time :( so sad i want to play a midget Mesmer so its even harder to concentrate. So yah i will link you to that and expect a few posts about my time over the weekend on Monday. Oh almost forgot i'm going to try and make my first you tube video ever this coming weekend : ) will be so much fun.